Find peace within yourself

Connect with your authentic self
and find balance in body, mind and soul.

Balance Coach

My name is Arnout Raskin. After a lifelong quest for my true self and what I am passionate for in life, I became a Balance Coach. We are all looking so hard for the WHY in life, that we forget carrying for HOW we live. It is not about the destination, but about the journey that leads towards it. We are so focussed on our goals in the future that we forget to enjoy the present moment. We get completely out of balance and fear, anxiety and negativity are controlling our life. By taking care of our mind, body and spirit we can find back the balance in life. I want to state that I am not some kind of miracle doctor or the big solution to all your problems. The healing lies within you. However, with the help of my knowledge and life experience, I can guide you in the search of the true you.

Healthy mind  – Healthy body – Healthy spirit

The results after coaching

Helps you sleep better.

You experience less anxiety and worry less, so you experience a better night’s sleep.

Decreases anxiety & depression.

You feel healthier and happier in life.

Reduces stress levels.

You feel relaxed. You have found peace in yourself.

Improves attention & concentration.

You have found the right balance between body, mind and soul.


No one’s life is without a struggle. Everyone sometimes goes through a valley, has a hard time, or carries a backpack with events from the past. Likewise with me. I survived a cardiac arrest, which left me with life’s questions that remained unanswered. My partner cheated on me and my relationship broke down after 11 years. I was looking for myself.

Until the day I met Arnout and a close friendship developed. One that was not based on what each could gain from it, but on what could be done for the other. They sincerely listened to stories without an intrusive opinion with the main goal of dissecting your own feelings and thinking patterns to eventually come to the realization that happiness always comes from within yourself!

Through him I discovered the essence of life: gratitude for what is. Inner peace and mental toughness that we have almost all lost in the busy system in which we live today. Where there is little or no room for self-reflection or the opportunity to stop thinking.

Arnout was the person who threw a rope at me without prejudice when I was in the pit and pulled me out again. The support at times when I no longer saw it. The phone call that gave me the courage to start tomorrow.

Thank you Arnout! And may our friendship last for many more years!


Thanks to AR coaching, my life is very different. Thanks to Arnout’s unique 1-on-1 guidance, I finally found the peace I had been looking for for so long. I learned to take the time for this and to invest more in myself.


When I first heard of Arnout’s program, I still had some doubts. I am quite a steadfast person and this topic was a bit taboo for me. I decided to contact him anyway. After a smooth and pleasant conversation, I finally took the step. And I haven’t regretted it for a minute.

He always tries to motivate me, even if there are days when this is not obvious. Since I’ve been following his program, my body and mind are much better in balance and I’m much more at peace with the small, simple things in life.

In this way I would also like to thank you Arnout!